What If Social Media Was Way Easier? 🤔
Simplified Social is a program that explodes your online presence without marketing jargon, tech skills or expensive strategies that don't work.
Social media is awesome for business. But it's also bloody confusing.

Imagine this - you're wearing all the hats trying to run your business and when you finally find some time to do marketing, you Google 'how to do social media marketing' and it's like taking a sip of water from a firehose. 

Planning, creating, launching and maintaining a social media campaign can take ages - and the last thing you want to do is spend all this time, effort and money on something that didn't work! 

But here's the kicker - let's say you did somehow pull it off - one month later the updates change everything, again. (It's almost like you didn't invite Mark Zuckerberg to a party in university and he's waited until now for revenge).

This is where Simplified Social and it's awesomely simple sytem comes in.
It's like going into an important exam with a notepad that has all the answers.
Simplified Social is an 8 module, step by step program that guides you through everything you need to create an epic social media presence and lead generation system. Get the exact steps to creating your accounts, content, website, funnels, Facebook ads and MUCH more.

Oh - you also get lifetime access and a personal Facebook Group to help you. So it's like the teacher is on your side during the exam as well. How could you fail?

What Goodies Are Inside?
Module 1: The Strategy

You can't arrive at your goal if you don't know where you're going! Create a bulletproof strategy in literally 1 page with the core fundamentals - no boring business plans, let's get things done.
Module 2: The Market

Straight up - if you don't know your customer you marketing will suck. We create the perfect customer avatar, analyze the competition and reverse engineer the best in the world.
Module 3: The Brand

Everyone has ideas - not many people execute. 
This is where we turn your ideas into something real. Learn how to create a world-class brand, a beautiful mobile website (in under 2 hours) and quickly design beautiful social media templates.
Module 4: The Assets

Time to build your marketing machine. In this module you'll discover all the pieces you need for a social media campaign and how to create each one with ease. (Plus a few things that your competition definitely isn't doing).
Module 5: The Content

Without content, social media would be boring. You'll learn how to create engaging written & visual content that doesn't suck, quickly. Access our blog templates, video scripts, content planners & MUCH more. (This part is epic).
Module 6: The Posts

Time for the rubber to meet the road. Everything else is set up (most courses skip that to their own peril). Here you'll learn how to post like a pro, along with our social media post checklists to make sure you're always on point.
Module 7: The Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are the best way to grow your business online if you know how to do it right. Learn how to master ads without throwing money down a hole (it's not even gambling it's just straight up losing if you do it wrong).
Module 8: Optimisation & Bonuses

Now that you're live that part doesn't stop here! Access our simple reporting, figure out how to improve, and learn advanced strategies in our bonus section to keep growing. 
What Else Do You Get?
8 Module Social Media Program ($1997 Value)
Templates for posts, emails, ads & more ($997 Value)
VIP Facebook members group ($297 Value)
Bonus Advanced Tutorials ($597 Value)
Full Lead Gen Funnel Tutorial ($697 Value)
Lifetime Access + Free Updates!
Don't Make Fun of Us...
There's $4485 of value in this bad boy. 

And whilst we believe that it's 1000% worth that investment - our mission as a company is to make world-class marketing affordable to small business. So we're not going to charge you that amount. We'll tell you in a sec...

Don't roast us - we have agency friends that tell us we are stupid for doing it the price we do because we give too much. But hey - we've got your back. (You can call us 'legends' if you want to - no pressure).

So how much will you pay for this thing?
Get It ALL for Only $499 
($4485 value with lifetime access. No, that's not a typo).
Here's What People Are Saying...
“I have always been a big believer in the power of marketing, but running a business meant I was struggling for time to identify key areas in my business I could improve on.  Mastered Marketing's program took out the guesswork and now my brand looks amazing. Now my brand looks great online, my pages get a lot of engagement and I don't have to feel confused. I HIGHLY recommend this to any agent that wants to market themselves in 2017!

- Steve Webster
"I can't speak higher of Mitch and the Mastered Marketing team. They stay ahead of the trend, and the results speak for themselves. Not only have I been able to collect 500+ emails, generate listings and explode my social media profile, after just 3 months I was listed by Elite Agent's as one of Australia's top 50 real estate influencers in just 3 months, through the content  and strategy I learned from Mitch! DEFINITELY recommend."

- Ben Wakely
"Mastered Marketing's social media program is fantastic. It allowed me to get my personal brand up and running quickly and start reaching my target audience, without having to spend months of time doing trial and error, or wasting money on things that don't work. It's simple, easy to understand and effective, and I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to grow online."

- Adam Wallace-Harrison
Now, we want to show you how to do the same for your business….
8 Core Modules, Packed with Actionable Strategies, Tips and Tactics.
This is the heart of the Simplified Social program and you can check out the section above for a step-by-step walk-through of each module. This is one of the most practical, effective and comprehensive social media marketing programs available. No more talk (that's boring) - it's time for action!
Plug & Play Templates 
One of the biggest obstacles that stands in the way of an epic social media campaign are the websites, landing pages, automations and content that has to be set up. With our fully built out swipes and templates, your marketing is practically done for you! If you hate writing or don’t want to waste time with 'techy' stuff, our templates will save you easily 30 hours of time. With fully designed templates that guide you through every step, you’ll never have to think "am I doing this right?"
Coaching & Guidance
We want to make sure you NAIL it when it comes to your social media marketing. No more fluff, no more 'ideas', this is about execution. Our Facebook Group provides practical advice and steps to answer your questions and make sure you're on track. Time to get RESULTS!
Advanced Trainings & Regular Updates
A huge piece of continuing your journey with social media is being able to dive deeper into it. Our job is to help you grow quickly, which is why we give you an ever-growing library of new trainings, masterclasses and guest sessions so you can get a better grasp on the pieces you may be struggling with. 
Still on the fence?
Here's a few reasons to join.
"I'll just be the same as everyone else."

Negative! There's only one you, and this program teaches you how to create a unique, one-of-a-kind brand and social media campaign that is tailored to your audience not anyone else's.
"Social changes so fast this will be out of date soon."

You get lifetime access baby - this isn't like a university course that gets updated every 5 years. EVERY time there's an algorithm change, platform update, new feature, WHATEVER! We add it straight back in.
"I don't have time."

Everybody has time. Time is a choice. We make time for priorities in our life - and if your business is a priority then this is for you. If you watch TV or scroll your news feed, you have time. C'mon... even you know you do!
"Social media is expensive."

How long is a piece of string? The amount you have to spend on varies depending on you. With our strategy, we show you how to make $10 - $20 go a long way. You'll also save money by avoiding ads that don't work!
"The last program I did sucked."

Hey - We feel for ya there. And whilst there's nothing we can do to make it un-suck, we can tell you that this is raw value only. We actually do this stuff we don't just teach it. And if it doesn't work, just claim your 30 day guarantee!
"I hate computers."

Do not stress, friend. Not only do you not need tech skills for this, we've created tutorials and a bunch of epic templates to make your life a lot easier. Seriously our templates alone are woth more than the $499!
Look, you should only get in on something if you truly believe it's a good fit. If you put in the work required in this program, you will see results. If for whatever reason you've implemented what you've learned and it's not working for you, let us know and we will work with you to get your marketing rolling. If we still can't get results, we will refund your money if it’s within 30 days. Simply put, if we can't exceed your expectations, we don't deserve your money.
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