The ultimate social media shortcut...  EXPLODE your online presence, skip the headaches and make customers come to YOU. 
Take your brand to a new level.
This coaching program makes social media simple! Get access to the courses, coaching and community you need to explode your brand. You’ll have streamlined and consistent marketing, authority-building content, cost efficient advertising, a simple strategy that works even if you’re short on time and much more. Are you ready to grow?
Does any of this sound familiar…
✔ You have a great business, but not enough people know about you.

✔ The more you research social media, the more confusing it gets.

✔ Your social media comes and goes with no consistency. 

✔ Your content seems to be getting less and less engagement.

✔ You go to post something, but then have no idea what to share.

✔ You’re short on time and just want a simple strategy that works.

✔ You feel like you’re throwing money into a hole with paid ads.
If it does, you already know how hard it is to find the right resources & support…
That’s why we started Mastered Marketing.
We were fed up choosing between cheap marketing that sucks, and marketing that costs a fortune. There are so many programs out there that don’t get sustainable results, so we spent years creating a simple system that explodes your small business brand, even if you’re short on time and have a small ad budget. Now we have it, and you can use it!
If you want to...
✔ Grow your business faster, and with less effort.

✔ Become the obvious choice of your customers.

✔ Cut through the noise and do more of what works.

✔ Explode your reach without having to spend a fortune.

✔ Have epic marketing AND more time to do what you love.

✔ Have more automation and organisation in your business.

✔ Save SO much time, money and energy avoiding trial and error...
...then thankfully, we’ve got the solution!
Simplified Social
A monthly done-with-you coaching program for small businesses who want to explode their online presence and get more customers with a proven system. The ultimate shortcut with everything you need to plan, launch and grow your social media, so you can cut through the noise and have more time to do what you love. No more confusion, inconsistency, wondering what to post or wasted money!
It Allows You To:
✔ Have a strategy that works, regardless of algorithm changes.

✔ Have consistent, engaging posts going out every single day.

✔ Have amazing marketing that’s better than 90% of your industry.

✔ Have amazing blogs, videos and relevant content.

✔ Get social media engagement, followers and customer loyalty.

✔ Run Facebook & Instagram ads like a pro.
The 6 Step Model
A simple strategy that works, regardless of platform or algorithm changes. Find your customers & discover what's already working.
Streamline your marketing and know exactly what to post, using proven content frameworks and the latest social media strategies.
Create amazing blogs, videos and graphic designs with ease, that build authority in a format that works naturally for you.
Post like a pro and connect with your audience through engaging, rapport-building posts, all scheduled for the best time each day.
Promoting content with Facebook & Instagram advertising to explode your reach. Stay in front of new prospects with relevant content, 24/7.
 Cut through the noise to do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t, with plain English analytics.
Mitch Hills
Entrepreneur, marketer and problem solver. I started my first company at 17, and after running 3 business in totally separate sectors, I've spent more hours than I could possibly count obsessed with marketing and strategy. 

I love helping people. And after running a done-for-you agency for years, as much as I love my clients, my impact on the world was limited to only them. With an amazing online resource and a group coaching model, I can help many more people with all the incredibly useful strategies I’ve learned and created over the years. 

The cherry on top is that on top of all this great information, it’s more affordable for everyone. With this model I can deliver more value and charge less, which is so exciting.
What Makes This Different? 
Our #1 priority is constant learning. Marketing changes daily, and we want to be ahead of every trend. We do all the hard work so you don’t have to, and our program is constantly updated with everything that changes online.
Digital marketing doesn’t need to be complicated, and our superpower is making things simple. There’s an unlimited amount of things you could do, but to get results you only need a few fundamentals.  
We’re not newbies. We’ve been doing this for years, and have run a lot of campaigns. We know what works and what doesn’t, and have our own proven frameworks for all things social media. 
We practice what we preach. This isn’t a sales pitch, we are sharing the exact strategies that we use in our own business, so we are personally invested in the results. 
We don’t believe in fake scarcity or urgency, using the same copycat techniques around the web. We’ll help you with real strategies that work, on realistic timelines and budgets.
There is so much ‘stuff’ out there so we made this practical and easy to implement, with straight to the point tutorials and all of our worksheets made for you in advance.
Brands we’ve worked with:
What You Get
Online Course

Our course that shows you exactly how to execute our 6 step formula, along with a ton of bonus modules. This is our signature system and all of our IP packed into an epic online learning centre, with worksheets all made for you.

1 On 1 Coaching

Personal ‘over-your’ shoulder’ coaching. We start with on sesssion a week for a month to identify the low-hanging fruit and create a 30-day plan. At the end of the month if you're making process, you'll graduate into the group and weekly calls.
Weekly Coaching Calls + Recordings

Weekly coaching calls to make sure you take action, get results and stay on track. These have an open format, full of Q&A, new ideas and learning from other students who’ve done what you’re doing. Once you get results, you can help others! 
Marketing Vault

All our templates, resources & swipe files I've built over the years which are priceless. Social media graphic designs, Instagram story artwork, caption templates, email swipe files, funnel templates, worksheets.... SO much stuff.
Accountability Group

A community full of people just like you, who help you stay accountable, share ideas and learn from one another.
Access to Our Team

If you need extra services like websites, funnels, graphic designs... (you name it!) then you get priority access to our team of trained marketing ninjas to help you.
Our “everything you need” guarantee.
I want this to be a no-brainer for you. With our everything-you-need guarantee you’ll never have an unanswered question or be left feeling “damn, this wasn’t what I was hoping for”. Something missing? We’ll add it. Something unclear? We’ll update it. Something else? We’ll make it work! That’s our promise to you and if we don’t deliver, you can leave any time.
What You Could Do Instead...
You could try learning all this stuff on your own. And yes, after god knows how much time spent filtering through research, hundreds of hours of gruelling trial and error and a lot of wasted money trying to figure out what works, you might get some decent results. OR you could get us to help! (Because we’ve already done all of the above). So ask yourself… what’s the cost of not doing this?
What our clients say.
Highly recommend.
“Mitch and his team have been a huge help getting our project off the ground. From our first conversation Mitch was extremely professional and quick to do whatever we needed. They gave us a massive head start and within a few weeks our project reached the Galapagos Islands! Very grateful for all that you and your team have done for us. I highly recommend Mitch for any design and social media needs.”

Mitch is the real deal.
“Mitch Hills is the real deal! Truth be told I didn’t really understand what a professional digital marketing would actually do for my business. The truth is heaps! My business awareness has grown, the revenue has increased and my ability to target another audience has come that we never had before! I have recommended them to many others and I look forward to years of working with Mitch.”

Could not be happier.
“There is no wonder why Mitch comes so highly recommended. He has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and without a doubt leading his industry with innovation, enthusiasm and excellent service. His communication was timely, and not only does he do what he says he will do, he goes above and beyond. The end product was amazing. Could not be happier!”

Transformed my entire marketing.
“It has been great working with Mastered Marketing. They have accomplished so much for my business in such a short amount of time! They work quickly and efficiently, which is essential for the fast paced nature of business. They have transformed my entire marketing strategy and I'm getting great results already. Excited to continue working together.”

Made me a market leader.
“I have been using Mitch and his team since January 2017. He's attention to detail with regards to social media is second to none and helped me secure my spot of being a market leader in this field. Mitch and I've become great friends and I look forward to many more years of business and friendship with Mitch and the whole Mastered Marketing Team. “

Ten out of ten.
“Our experience with Mitch has been 10/10. Very knowledgeable, professional, friendly and always quick to respond. If you’re interested in expanding your market reach, building your company's following, and strengthening your online presence, I would urge you to contact him. All of the team here at Adam Wallace-Harrison Finance agree we would highly recommend Mitch and Mastered Marketing to anyone.”

Make My Social
Media Awesome!
Click that big green button for a 15 minute fast-track call with me. Together we’ll get clear on where you are now, where you want to go, how you can bridge the gap and if I can help. See you soon!
Still on the fence?
If you implement this, you will get results. But as with anything, it's natural to be hesitant, especially if things haven't worked for you in the past. It can feel like a risk trusting someone else. I get that! But the bigger risk, is the money you leave on the table by not taking action. It's up to you whether or not you feel like getting my help - but factor in the cost of inaction which can be the real expense.
The real cost of inaction.
The time spent figuring out social media can cost years. The money spent on trial and error can cost thousands. The frustration can cost your happiness!So ask yourself... what's the cost of not doing this? 

Let me help you. Book a call and let's have a brainstorm to see if it's a good fit for you. There is no pressure, but it might just be the best thing you do for your business.
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